Ever heard of those larger solar companies that give you a quote for a solar installation without ever coming to your house? Do not be fooled into considering an ‘off-the-shelf’ solar package that was put together by an accounts manager with a profit margin as the main consideration.

The design of a PV solar system should be based on many individual factors including client consumption throughout the year, city elevation, roof orientation, roof tilt, and surrounding environmental factors such as trees and other buildings – just to name a few.

Every single one of our PV solar systems is designed from scratch with all the relevant factors taken into consideration. We are passionate about designing a tailored PV solar system for all our clients. We operate in Canberra and service and maintain the systems we install. Therefore, we use only the most trusted brands of solar panels and inverters.

Here at Blue Rain Electrical, we are CEC qualified solar designers and installers. This means we can take care of the entire system design and installation from start to finish. We do not pass the installation of the system to third-parties, which means our customers are not having to deal with different companies at different parts of the process.

In summary, we offer:

  • PV solar system design and installation
  • Periodic PV inverter testing
  • PV solar system maintenance
  • Solar panel cleaning

If you are considering the purchase and installation of a solar system or have any questions relating to solar, call us on 0422 137 888 for an initial consultation or quote.